Saturday, 13 August 2016

Move over Ingress

Move over Ingress, we now have the new kids on the block. With two augmented reality games now to choose from, driving around the city has come to the fore again.

At first there was Ingress which placed the portals in which the next game Pokémon Go now uses. Strange game this Pokémon, distressing in a way as now instead of the Resistance battling the Enlightened for the control of the human minds, now we have kids running around with balls in hand, catching wild animals, using the stronger ones for animal fights, and giving the weaker ones to a nutty professor for animal experiments in exchange for sweets. I now call this professor the Pedophile which I hope isn't true. Doesn’t this Pokémon sound like so many wrongs on so many levels, Catching wild animals, animal fights, and animal experimentation by a pedophile.

Thank goodness we know where all the Ingress portals are which helps in the hunt for those rear and elusive Pokémon even if it is late into the night.

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