Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Julius, Merlin, and the Hedgehog

What have these three in common?

Well nothing other than all three happened to cross my path today as I staggered along my path. I feel like the bus is hurtling towards me and all I can do is remain frozen in the oncoming lights. I don’t feel that well and all I am doing is trying to stay on my feet as long as I can. Sing happy birthday to Julius as it is his name day. Yay, may you have a blessed day Julius.

Later Maxy and I toke ourselves to the vet. Maxy is still in pain when he tries to open his mouth wide which is affecting his eating. The antibiotics are not working so now they back to steroids. Merlin the Great Dane was at the vet to greet him but Maxy tried to open his mouth and pain shot right through his little head. He thought Merlin did something to him and now wants nothing to do with Merlin. As for myself well they can take me out back and put me down.

Battling to stay awake and planning to head straight for bed after supper but my plains were shattered by Maxy’s death screams. Lynda rushed out to investigate, then returned just as quickly to call me to come see. The dogs had cornered a hedgehog. Maxy must have tried to bark at it but the pain of just barking was too much for poor Maxy.

I gently picked up the frightened hedgehog who was tightly curled into a ball. The terrified hedgehog rattled his quills as I carried him back into the veld.

Well that’s it, bed for me.

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