Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Doolittle Klipspringer

Did I really wanted to go into work today? No, because I still did not feel that I was even 50% better but my sick leave was over. I simply had to drag my flu ridden body into my work clothes, and somehow walked to my car then drove to work which somehow happened

Once here I had to just keep throwing one tissue after the next into the waste paper bin just to keep me going. I had the Discovery nurse come over to do vitals for the life insurance this morning so you can imagine I was not kind of feeling up to it. To help calm myself down, I used photos of chocolates on my computer and some real chocolate just to smell not to eat as they say the smell of chocolate releases a natural chemical in the body that relaxes you. But through my clogged up nose, came no smells so luckily the photos must have helped as I passed.

Walking up to fetch the Discovery nurse at the reception, I passed this dishevelled looking Klipspringer and I said to her, "I know what you going through buddy, just hang in there." Oh my goodness now I am talking to the animals, Mr Doolittle. What is in these medications?

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