Thursday, 18 August 2016

Both on Cortisone

The vets wanted Maxy to be dropped off for the day so that they can run a battery of investigative tests to get to the bottom of his continued earache and pain when he opens his mouth. So after dropping him off at Lammermoor Veterinary Clinic, I headed for work not feeling well myself. I managed to get an appointment at the doctors at 10:30am and dutifully arrived 15mins early as one should but what’s up with these doctors thinking that they can consistently be late and patients must just accept it. 11am the doctor finally called me into his room, apologised for being so late then stepped out with an empty coffee mug. 15 mins later his phone started ringing and ringing and ringing and 5 mins later he returned. By 11:45 I was on a bicycle strapped to an ECG machine doing spins. Half an hour later I was back in the doctor’s room. More tests then a cortisone injection and lots of other meds.

So now both Maxy and I are on Cortisone.

Later I went to fetch Maxy at the vet after his day in Doggy Care. I am sorry to say that it is bad news. The vets discovered an aggressive looking node in the base of his ear by the inner ear. It is too deep to get a sample so I am left with two options. Option 1: put Maxy on a course of Cortisone and broad spectrum antibiotics for a week then see if the node reduces or Option 2: Maxy needs to go to an inner ear specialist for them to try removing the mass.

Well my budget can only afford Option 1 and my heart well let’s just say that it is broken.

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