Monday, 22 August 2016

Billy Goat Gruff

I woke up this morning feeling worse than I ever felt the whole weekend but my sick leave was only dated last Thursday and Friday so I had to somehow crawl into work. I suppose if I am sick and getting behind, everyone else deserves the right also to get sick. Oh dear that doesn’t sound nice, does it?

Well I was a work only for a short while and felt that I had being run over by the bus, so I decided best course of action is to go back to the doctors. The doctor I saw said that I was on good medication but prescribed some more to boost the affects.

I drove slowly back home, half sick and half drowsy. Nearer home a herd of goats crossed the road in front of me and I had to give way. I watched a billy goat gruff cross the road through my nearly closed eyes, walked up to a school exercise book that was sitting long side the road, pick it up and started eating it. I just watched in amazement as this goat ate someone’s homework. Then I was startled as a car behind me hooted, get a move along, the goats all but disappeared and so was the homework.

Someone now has no homework and I have 7 different medications on my bedside table.

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