Monday, 18 July 2016

Unchained Soul

I left for work this Monday morning as the weak winter sun shone its weary eye over the horizon. With my back to the rising sun I headed into this week on my Vespa knowing that the insurmountable tasks ahead would not be an easy climb.

I sat chained to my desk throughout the day and while my colleagues sat out in the winter sun eating lunch, I glanced up from my work towards them. Just for a moment, I wanted to join them but between 2 meetings, 1 interview, and 1 coffee break, I never left my desk. Have I simply become an implementer, and not a thinker anymore? What used to be an awesome job now has me wondering what is next?

It is dark when I finally called it a day, and walk back to my Vespa alone. Everyone else has left hours ago, as I start the engine of my Vespa, the stillness of the night was cut by the purring of Scarlet’s motor which warmed my unchained soul as I readied myself for the ride into the cold cruel darkness.

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