Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Today started and ended much as yesterday did but I didn’t want that to get me down as yesterday somehow got to me. Fight or flight did not quite work for me nor did standing very still and hoping that Monday would not notice me.

Today I forced myself a break and took a walk into the gardens surrounding my office. Sitting by side one of the duck ponds, I could feel the heaviness roll off. Next to the stone bench on which I sat, was this square stone pillar and inside the bowl on top was three smaller square stones, intriguing.

While sitting in stony silence in the fresh winter air, my thoughts were all over. Schweigen, inside thoughts! What will my future hold? Do I settle down or do I flee. One of my options is buying a house and we have found a rather lovely one but it is near the very top of our budget.

Two young swans were inquisitive of my muteness and swam a little closer but not too close mind you.

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