Saturday, 16 July 2016

Hippie Birthday

We finally found the birthday boy, Sandor, as mad as the hatter and as lost as Alice.

Lynda and I decided to take up Sandor’s offer and go to his birthday Trance Party bash down in the deep south of Jozi. It was very cold when we arrived, the trance music was declaring out into the crisp air with not many braving the cold. We hesitated and was considering heading back home but a huge bonfire was lit and we decided to move in close to the warmth with a wary eye on all that was offered freely to us. No thanks but I did not want a trip but to be safely home in my warm bed later.

Sandor, you have a hippie soul now, as free as the wind, following your own blissful path. Full of love and whatever else, it is really that simple. With so much time gone past since we last saw Sandor, this hippie was truly mad as the hatter and as lost as Alice.

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