Saturday, 30 July 2016

Clutch Control

We arrived home from Rustenburg yesterday afternoon only to find that the power has been cut. All our Eskom electricity bills are fully paid, and after phoning, we discovered that they switched off the wrong property. Okay sort of good news is that not ours but the neighbours should have been disconnected but the bad news is that we have to wait up to 24 hours before someone can come out to reconnect us. Not good enough Eskom as it is the middle of winter and it was your mistake.

All I could do is to take Matthew driving and teaching him clutch control. Yes he has now got his learners which means, everyone stay off the sidewalks, here comes Matthew. After a few jerky starts, Matthew soon got the hang of changing gears. Oh boy this means soon he will be out on his own.

Okay so far Eskom, has told us that they have someone on their way, so many times now that we don’t believe them anymore. What a bunch of liars and jokers, Eskom has turned out to be.

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