Friday, 3 June 2016

Worst Nightmare

My worst nightmare happened as I feared. As I arrived home this afternoon, I saw Patch my oldest Italian Greyhound who is about 90 years old in human terms, lay by the back door, he lifted his head and tried to get up but failed. Something was wrong so I jumped out of my pickup and rushed over to him.

I found him in a pool of blood and covered in dog bite marks everywhere. After gently carrying him to the pickup, I drove like a mad man to the vet and at the same time screaming about that raddy pack of Jack Russels next door. I don’t think anyone witnessed the incident but in my mind that evil pack are the only culprits after killing two of our cats a few weeks back.

Lynda by that time arrived home and told me that one of the Jack Russels had blood on his muzzle and neck. The owner flatly denies that it was his pack dogs and blamed the other neighbour’s dogs because his maid saw them in our yard but he ignored that blood was seen on one of his dogs.

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Wendy M. Stewart said...

Aww, poor baby!! Hope he makesa full recovery! That's just plain horrible!! Maybe time to get cameras for outside the house!! He will be in our prays!! Big hug from the Big Island Iggies!!

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