Sunday, 5 June 2016

Patchy Prayers Needed

It is not looking good but we will wait till the results from the kidney tests come in before making a decision on what to do. We want to give Patch a fighting chance but at the same time we don't want him to suffer.

Because Patch is 17 years old which makes him about 90 in human terms, the vet says that in most cases their kidneys would be so overwhelmed and won’t be able to cope and will shut down in a few days. So we are running some tests to monitor Patch’s kidneys and if it starts to shut down then I am so afraid, sorry I am battling to write this, that we have to make the decision and say goodbye to Patchy.

But for now although it looks bad we will give all the support Patch needs as he has this powerful will to live. When I found him arriving home on Friday, he in all likelihood should have been dead but he was so relieved to see me and tried to get up to welcome me home. You don’t understand how much I hate Jack Russells right now. Sorry but I know I shouldn’t but they just must not come near me.

Thank you all for you kind words of support and your prayers.

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