Thursday, 23 June 2016

Good Life Legae

I walked into the training room this morning dragging my feet and not a smile on my dial because yesterday while I was out my work colleagues nominated me for the "Taking the Boardroom to the Shop floor" seminar. Even my work antagonist sent me an email "...You have won the amazing prize of attending a seminar at MBP...", just to rub it in. With so much work, I had no time for a full day training seminar but my pleas fell on deaf ears and here I was, presented and accounted for.

My negative energy slowly lifted back into the positive as I started realising that I could benefit from this encouraging message that Legae Phahlane in his bright lemon coloured jersey brought us. Okay his Powerpoint slides were difficult to follow with too much info nonetheless Legae’s positive energy just filled the room and you could not help it, but become positive.

When life gives you lemons, no use just saying oh well that is my lot in life. Take charge, you are what you make it. Positive attitude attracts more positiveness is the Law of Legae.

So smile, let the Good Life begin.

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