Thursday, 19 May 2016

Angel Michael

When I left home this morning, it was just getting light and the valley was shrouded in mist, not thick mist but low visibility that I had to use my lights.

After a long day, I left my office and it dawn was settling in and arriving at the car park, I found that I could not open my pickup with the remote. At first I thought someone was jamming the signal but to my horror I discovered that I had left my lights on all day and now the battery was flat.

Most of the car park was empty as it was over an hour since normal end of day and it was getting dark. I found a few late workers but no one had any jumper cables or leads for me to use to connect to another battery and jump start my pickup. The security said that the call centre had jumper cables but when I inquired they said someone used them and now that person had already left for home without returning them. Not cool dude, whoever you are.

I tried to with the help of the security guards to push start my pickup but no joy. Now I was in a pickle. Thinking that I should phone home and get Lynda to bring my jumper cables, I then remembered that Rob said he was going to visit his brother on the way home, and that was just down the road from where I work. A quick phone call and Rob was going to ask his brother if he had cables to help me.

That is when the Angel Michael appeared. Well not quite an angel but Michael none the less. He was dropping his wife off for her night shift duty at the call centre and he had jumper cables in his car. I had to phone Rob back to stop him driving back to work with his brother’s cables. My battery was very flat but soon we had my pickup started.

Thank you Michael and all the Bosasa security guards who kindly assisted me in my time of need.

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