Saturday, 9 April 2016

Pothole Luck

It has been a bad day and I want to eat worms. Jade shown above tries her best to console me.

Johannesburg has been overtaken by Cape Town as crime capitals but surely Johannesburg must still be the capital of potholes? Driving on the streets of Gangster’s Paradise you are caught between eToll thieves on one side, highjackers on another, smash and grabbers posing as beggars or window washers on another, and now not to forget potholes everywhere. There was a time when weaving on the road meant that you were drunk but now it means you are avoiding potholes and the ones driving straight are drunk.

Trust my luck, I went through a mother of a pothole and damaged both my left hand side tyres. With only one spare wheel, two flat tyres, and two damaged rims, I now just sits my head in my hands, this is not good.

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