Sunday, 10 April 2016

No Rest

Thanks to my brother Anthony who came to my rescue by blessing me with the use of his big white Isuzu pickup as my Vespa is still in the shop getting repaired, and now my pickup is parked at his house while I go and try find a place to fix my tyres.

Sadly there is no tyre company open on a Sunday, Nada, niks, nothing but after intense searching I found one in Mayfair, an Indian suburb, whose residence are mostly Muslim and they are not interested in being closed on a perfectly good working day such as Sunday. Well they have cornered the marketplace on a Sunday. So I drove all the way down south to Mayfair, dogging the eTolls, highjackers, smash and grabbers, and of course the potholes only to find that my rims are too badly damaged and that I have to go to a Mag Repair centre which guess what, are all closed on a Sunday.

I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but can’t the shops take turns in rest days. Oh well no rest for the wicked.

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