Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mom to be!

Ahhh it is time to celebrate with the pregnant fairy Mpho, and wish her all the best for the upcoming birth of her son. Oh you don’t know how many times I tried to twist her arm and name the baby Jérôme, the bestest of names in all the universe. Okay I know that bestest is not a word until you make it one and that is what is great about the English language, you can make up words and if more than one person accepts it than it has a chance of being included into the Oxford Dictionary and become a new bestest word.

So Jérôme, Jerome, Jeronim, Jerko, Jeroen, Jerry, Jerónimo, Jerônimo , Geronimo, Gerolamo, Girolamo, Gerónimo, Hieronymus, Ieronimus, and Roni, means holy man or sacred name and is derived from the ancient Greek word Hieronymos. Aren’t that a good name for a boy child, mom to be?

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