Sunday, 6 March 2016

Minky Sunday

Minky, our precious cat, has become one of the most photographed cats in our home. Why? Because she is our most precious.

Anyway here I am winding down my Sunday afternoon in the lounge after running around to the Voter Registration centre just to check if I am still on the voters roll. Deadline today. Yes I know you can check online but stories are starting do its rounds that although you may find yourself on the roll, you might not be down at the centre closest to you. For example, one couple we know are both online registered but because their Voters Centre split, she found herself at one and her partner at another even though they live under the same roof.

Okay now here I am sitting in the lounge and then it dawns on me, no photo for the day yet. So I look around for possible candidates and there was Minky fast asleep on the chair next to me. She must have heard me preparing to take a photo, as she looked up with her big eyes just before I could click the trigger.

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