Sunday, 14 February 2016

Single Awareness Day

Happiness of Single Awareness Day aka Valentine’s Day didn’t last very long for me this morning. Let me start from the beginning, for the last couple of days now, my cellphone has been having SIM card errors intermittingly and late yesterday afternoon it went into a loop of death of continuous rebooting. So I took out the battery and SIM card for the evening to turn it back on this morning only to hear the tragic news.

Those who know me, will know that I am not big on family, but my aunt Rene and uncle Tony have been, I suppose the closest of my relatives. From the ages of 20 and 19 years old, Rene and Tony, have been married and then yesterday afternoon, after 54 years of ups and downs, Tony got suddenly called back to heaven.

Now although Rene is surrounded by family, being alone, left behind has become an all new meaning for her with the passing of her soul mate. One of Rene's first words to me was "why didn't I go first. I don't want to be alone". Last night was a long night for my aunt and now all I wanted to do is to sit shiva with Rene, just to sit beside her and spend time in her company. While Lynda and I, sat in Rene’s company and had a quiet remembrance of times spent with Tony, Rene nodded in and out of sleep only to continue her conversation as if she never nodded off.

The chair is now empty, the reams of chess notes never to be published not sit on a side table, and the guitar is quietly still. Who is going to now keep watch over the birds who fly in for food that Tony used to leave for them? The top photo was taken this afternoon for my blog but I felt that I need to add the next two from previous blog posts of Tony. The  second photo can be found on my post from December 2013 called Tony and the last one was taken in September last year called Dropping In

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