Thursday, 7 January 2016

Velile’s Lunch

Velile and I come from the same era but from different sides of the track. In the South African sense we grew up on opposite sides of the Great Divide called Apartheid. The Great Divide that forced segregation, hardship, pain, and suffering on majority of the population by the few that ran the country.

Now with all that ugliness behind us Velile and I quite often have long discussions getting to know each other’s culture, about politics, religion, and even food. Because of our segregated upbringing we see the world around us through different lenses and it is those differences that we need to understand, break down if it gets in the way and support if it strengthens us.

Now take Velile’s lunch today, it looks yummy except I don’t enjoy the Shisa Nyama style of cooking meat, which is very, extremely very well done meat but look there is fruit and water. Velie's lunch is much more interesting and healthy compared to mine which was soet cookies (South Africa sweet cinnamon biscuit), sliced wors (South African sausage) on sandwiches, a nectarine, baked cheese cake smothered with vanilla favoured custard, and not to forget ice water.

So today our deep conversations started with angels and ended with the differences of each others lunch.

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