Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Heat is On

Oh well with temperatures just reaching 40 degrees Celsius and the air-con on the blink the heat is on. My colleagues next door don’t want to share their air-con and compromise. They are enjoying my suffering so much so that I came up with a plan to help karma along but then the Holy Spirit reminded me of one of my ideals that I set for this year, “Love the Haters” because hating the haters won’t solve anything, it will just appease you for a little while before you realise that you have gone no-where but backwards. So just smile as I sip another mouthful of water and give them something to worry about.

Last year my ideal was “Judge Not, Compassion and Understanding Changes” which still is for this year but I added the Love one with it. I must say it wasn’t easy to “Judge Not” when I was going through a tough year and it looks like 2016 might be just as tough.

Tomorrow the heat is even hotter with it predicted to go over 40 degrees Celsius, so God help us all as I smile and take another sip of water.

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