Monday, 4 January 2016

Hello 2016

With 2016 work year finally started, it is time to see what has happened at Bosasa while I was away on summer break. First things first, while down in the slow veldt, my mom gave me a hand reared year old tortoise which she wanted to release into the wild. I offered to release Shelly, a name my mom affectingly called this baby Leopard Tortoise, into the Eco Park at Mogale Business Park which already has 5 adult and 3 juvenile tortoises, one which is a fully grown Leopard Tortoise, the others I am not sure what sub species they belong to.

So the first thing I did this morning was to introduce baby Shelly to another tortoise. Hello there little one. At first the adult was nervous with me being so close but Shelly soon had him or is it her out of their shell.

Later I found out that a baby Springbok was born last week in the park and that a Blue Crane couple has laid two eggs at the edge of the park this past weekend. That will be 21 days gestation and hopefully we will see our first baby blue cranes. I was informed by the excited grounds man that the last babies born here was four years ago. I couldn’t get too close as the male Blue Crane is very protective.

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