Friday, 18 December 2015

The Force Awakens

A lot of expectation awaited this release of Star Wars since the last episodes. I remember a time I fought the crowds with my brother in-law Hans to watch a Star Wars launch night viewing at Montecasino. Now I am older and a lot wiser, I hope, with the crowd mania not my thing.

And so Matthew and I chose a quiet Friday morning, two days after the hype of the first showing, to go view Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Well please excuse the photo above as I had to at least document this occasion and there were no Stormtroopers or Darth Vader around so I had to improvise with me pretending to hold a lightsaber.

Not to give away any spoilers so those who have not watched it yet stop reading any further... Oh you can come back afterwards as I have an important question near the end.

I hate 3D movies as they are always slightly blurry and it looks like a tiny screen and not the big screen to me eyes. In all Ster Kinekor’s wisdom there were no normal screenings close by to me so I had to go to the 3D rendition which spoilt the whole experience for me.

Anyway I have a question for those who have seen the movie which should be all who are reading this far down. In the Star Wars canon, see the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Hans and Leia had 3 children, the twins Jacen and Jaina, and later another son Anakin. So now to my question, in this Star Wars – The Force Awakens we find out that Kylo is the son of Hans and Leia which according to canon becomes Darth Caedus but is Rey his twin sister Jaina? Now that The Forces Awakens, we have to wait until the next Star Wars movie to find out and endure a lot of speculation of whom Kylo and Rey are.

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