Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Steers Wacky Wednesday

Steers is a South African burger food burger chain whose burgers are 200% better than McDonald’s and Burger King but today Steers dropped the ball by having the most unclean looking store than even KFC.

With our canteen at work closed for the Christmas holidays, we decided that we should take up Steers Wacky Wednesday special of two burgers for the price of one, little did we know the horrific work surfaces that are used at the filthy Steers in Krugersdorp. When last was they clean was the question as we opened our take away packs to find sloppy put together burgers. One had only a single lonely gherkin slice and the other three amongst the chaotic mustard sauce. Three Wacky Wednesday's order equals a rushed prepared burgers which then equals to an unloved experience.

Nothing beats Wacky Wednesday when you want real mess. I wonder if Steers is following the way of our wacky Rand.

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