Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Pipoca, popcorn, oh dear we went away for the holidays and I was all prepared to upload to my blog but I forgot my password to my laptop. I can only kick myself. Anyway I took photos everyday and prepared the blog posts so here are my slightly delayed posts.

We haven’t had a holiday together since 2014 and as it was well over due we decided to go down to the Slow-veldt to do both family duties and have a well deserved holiday. It was a very early start before dawn packing the car and it turned out to be a golden start as we left our home for the long trip down.

We took it easy stopping along the way enjoying all parts of our journey down to Nelspruit. Thankfully the roads weren’t busy and the scenery changed from the city to open grass lands to rolling hills and down the mountainous escarpment to finally reaching the low veldt.

Soon the hills were alive with the sound of music. What do they say, keep calm and sing on the mountains, no that was not it, climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream, that’s it, that is a few of my favourite things.

Finally we arrived at our destination, but family duties started early, visiting parents and sister’s family, dropping off Matthew at cousins, booking in, and then visit friends. We were exhausted but there was no rest for the wicked.

We haven’t seen our friends Paulo and Shani for such a long time so it was very high up on our list of duties to get under the belt before our serious holiday begins, but this was more pleasure than duty as we never met their little Ariela or as Paulo calls her affectionately Pipoca.

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