Monday, 21 December 2015

Love from Heaven

The other day Lynda was cleaning up some boxes in the office and found her late mother’s cookbook which is sellotaped together from well use. The book called Good Housekeeping’s Basic Cookery in Pictures was first published in 1952 but this was a reprint from 1961. Lynda’s mom must have got this for her wedding or there abouts as she got married in 1963.

While nostalgically paging through the cookbook and thinking about how well her mom used to bake things for the home, Lynda stumbled upon a message from her mom to her. Now Lynda has had this cookbook for quite a while and this was the first time she ever saw this message penned by her mom, as if this was message straight from heaven to her.

To dear Lynda with love from Mom.
Hope this book helps you as much as it did me.
To pass it on later to Robynne and further down the line.

With this little bit of love straight from heaven, Lynda was brought to tears as memories of her mom's love for her started flooding in. By mid afternoon the spirit of Lynda’s mom filled our kitchen as the delicious smells of baking wafted out to the patio where I was sitting watching the building of a summer afternoon thunderstorm.

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