Sunday, 27 December 2015

Green Richard

No Green I say, not because Richard is wearing a yellow Che Guevara t-shirt but because he may be the greenest fellow I ever met other than that green peace chap I met a long time ago. May I should say psychedelic not green as he is more into those mind bending colours of peace and love from the 60s.

Richard used to be my drug pusher quite a while back. No not the hard drugs but Ginseng and other strange Chinese herbal health products that he brought to work daily. Personally I think he was afraid of getting the flu and wanted to make sure all of his work colleagues were healthy around him. But somehow that didn’t work as I remember getting pneumonia that year, a few months before setting out on conquering Sani Pass on a Vespa in the middle of winter.

Anyway it was a surprise to see Richard again when we stopped to visit friends Gary and Anika on our way back from picking up Matthew in Benoni. Now Richard is Anika’s brother and they, Richard and his family are up from the Natal South Coast visiting for the holidays. Nice family I must say.

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Impi Media said...

Nice to Connect with you to again Brother, and to meet your lovely lady and Son.. Time does fly.

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