Saturday, 31 October 2015

Zombie with the Dragon Tattoo

West Park Cemetery has come alive again as hands are pushed through the sod of freshly covered graves for the Zombie Walk 9, organised by Empire Tattoos to raise funds for Marang House. I have covered these apocalyptic uprisings for a number of years now. See Sizzling Rea Head,  Here Be Zombies, Rising the Dead, Undead, and Nom Nom Nom.

Not another word from you, or else!

Mommy please don't let go of my hand!

Thankfully the dead walk only for one day, hence all I need is to be able to outrun the photographer next to me.

Just because you are a Zombie, doesn't mean you can't take care of your appearance

Sad to see my friends are now my undead friends

Video killed the Radio Star

Honey surprise, I am back, and this is the last time you will kill me

Fresh undead arising

And now, a sacred lotus flower, a symbol of purity and beauty lies in the gutter while the walking dead shuffle past. It was an intriguing find as the lotus flower in some religions have been associated with death and rebirth. Would this pertain to Zombies?

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