Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Too Many Butterflies

I seemed to be in a strange place today. My sleep studies have been concluded with last night hazed sleep but somehow by mid-afternoon wanting to nod off. But yesterday I had a meeting which sort of puts me at the crossroad.

So this lunchtime I took my lunch in an occluded area of the garden, sitting down and I slowly peaked my lunch while contemplating my future and well as having a deep conversation with God. In a way I feel that I have failed but yet there is still hope. Sigh, while the birds chirped, I closed my eyes and spent time just being near to God brooding, going through many scenarios with God. Too many butterflies, too many...

Good news in this strange day is that after I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea where I stopped breathing 44.8 times per hour, the results from sleeping with the CPAP device shows that it has managed to drop my apnoea down to 0. Yes zero which means this horrible machine works.

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