Monday, 9 November 2015

Octogenarian Patch

Patch my oldest Italian Greyhound is 16 years old. In July this year, Patch made his 80th year that is in human years. Truly a senior citizen.

As an Octogenarian, Patch is still active and very very naughty, jumping up onto the table and steeling the cat’s food. “But dad, kats fud is yummy!” sulks the old man. In winter Patch suffers from a bit of arteritis on his joints and starts limping. He has lumps and bumps all over, his eye sight has deteriorated and he doesn’t listen very well, I suppose deafness is allowed at his age. Wait don’t all men have selective hearing?

As a precaution, we stopped taking him on long walks now, but he gets very distressed when we leave him behind. Therefore we have to sneak out on our walks so that both Patch and our cat Minky don’t see us leave as they would follow us on our walks into the veld.

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