Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Run Jerome Run

Way back in August this year I was diagnosed with late onset of asthma and put on a course of medicine to help to me back on track.

Today it was the pulmonologists turn to poke and prod, and run all sorts of tests including a cardiorespiratory exercise test. Sniff sniff, yes they made me run on a treadmill. Run! I haven’t run in over 18 years. I can hear you say WHAT! I have done long walks but run, hell no. Okay my main reason is that I have damaged my knees from lots of endurance horse riding in my early 20s but somehow today I ran.

You want me to run? Yes I had to run and the stupid treadmill went faster and faster while I simply ran for my life. And Jerome, don’t forget to breathe into this mouth piece.

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