Tuesday, 22 September 2015

They are Watching

Wherever you walk in Mogale Business Park, someone or something is always watching you. Yes they are watching.

This afternoon I was feeling drained and I was starting to micro sleep at my desk. Strange as I am getting enough sleep so I hope I am not coming down with a nasty bug. Energy! I seek energy so I decided the best was to take a walk into the lovely gardens outside my office to get some fresh air into lungs. Breathe!

While strolling, enjoying the beautiful surrounds, some small movement caught my eye. Maybe it was a new baby springbok hiding in the undergrowth as three new springboks have been born this week. But this time something else was watching me. Both this tiny duiker and I were frozen on the spot. Yes not even a meter from me was the smallest duiker I have ever seen, not even 20cm tall. Wow, she was as big as my smallest Italian Greyhound, Jade. Oh I am sure Jade would love to play with this little buck.

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