Saturday, 19 September 2015

Team Carleton

What our region looked like in the early hours of this morning

We arrived at our little Bed & Breakfast about 1 o’ clock this morning, a quick shower and bed for me, especially after that hooker thought that we were clients and came to our window to offer her services to us. The photos used in this post where not taken during the operation but today on our tour of the area before heading back to Johannesburg. Please note the following is our team’s report from a game called Ingress and not the official sitrep.

Daytime view of the road to that dark cemetery

Last night we were part of Team Carleton, with other teams travelling all over this beautiful country of ours last night, just to get into position. Our team, Bashles15, BioniKat, Devash15, MaxyJade, Rooliez15, and WaterTech12214, were supposed to meet at 9pm at this dark cemetery outside Carletonville but somehow the Enlightened managed to get wind that something was up and hopped into reactive action. Of course the Toads must have smelt something in the air after we took out the Tarlton blocking links and WaterTech the ones south of Johannesburg.

Non, je ne regrette rien

By the time we were in place, the toads of Randfontein had put up blocking links from inside of a bus factory. Talk about them moaning when portals are used from inside the Mogale Business Park. According to the Ingress Terms and Conditions Office Parks like the one that Bosasa finds itself in are allowed but not in the middle of a factory. But no use crying over spilled milk, the toads used the factory for blocking links to Botswana and to the Northern Cape. They pulled a dirty right in the beginning so we had to deploy our special ops team, Lala, Arno, and Vuurvliegie, to take care of the bus company problem.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

With a two hour delay already, we waited in the lights of our cars at a very dark cemetery just outside Carletonville for the words Go Go Go to come over our comms. And then it was a go as the blocks went down, followed quickly by the first of our fields going up. Due to the delays, some of the teams were a little quick and covered us in a field before we could finish our fields. This spelt the end of our part of the operation so our team started dispersing.

God himself laid them to rest

We decided to stay in town and capture all the portals and while in the process, news came in that the big field covering us was flipped and we had to rush back to the cemetery. So at brake neck speed, narrowly missing a hare, we arrived back at the grave part of town. The operation was back on and by the end of our part Bionikat alone had made over 4 million mu with 5 layered fields.

Fresh Eggs

It was now bed for us, and for the other teams to kicked into action and extended the fields even bigger.

Warm Beer

We woke up this morning covered in layers upon layers of blue fields. Well done all who were involved.

The outcome of the operation

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