Monday, 21 September 2015

Harro Spling Boks

After a disastrous start to the Rugby World Cup tournament by our team, the Springbokke, who lost to Japan’s Cherry Blossoms, it was time to go smell the roses, no sorry the cherry blossoms. But who we trying to kid, as the cherry is dropped and the Japanese team is now called the Brave Blossoms.

Questions abound as the once proud Springbok team becomes the joke of the world. And believe me sushi jokes with a dash of springbucks are aplenty all of a sudden. How can a team ranked third in the world get beaten by a team ranked 13th and who has ever only won one first class game before. Were we ever good enough with defeat after defeat from the hands of lower teams this season? Was the coach Heineke Meyer ever the right coach in the first place?

Oh well we can all scream from the side lines but how can we criticise without wearing their rugby togs. Well back to the baby springbuck that was born a week ago. I still haven’t got a perfect photo of him/her yet but perseverance is the name of the game.

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