Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thumbs Up

Eish on the way home today, I got a puncture in my rear tyre of my Vespa. Oh no, what to do? Wait on the side of the road for help or pull out my trusty Thumbs Up Tyre Repair Kit.

This will be the third time, I had to pull out this tyre repair kit but in the previous two times, I didn’t get to use it because the first time there was a 2cm slash in the tyre which made the kit useless and the second time, I stopped to help someone else with a flat tyre but found out that their tyre wasn’t tubeless.

So third time lucky. Thank goodness the Thumbs Up Tyre Repair Kit worked flawlessly. It normally takes me 35 mins from work to home but with the flat tyre it took me 50 mins. Not bad for a 15 mins tyre repair plus stop at service station for an air pressure top up. Thumbs Up!

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