Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I’m in love, uh? Walking into our offices this morning, this is what caught my eye, a two litre plastic cool drink bottle with a few dregs of Lemon Twist at the bottom and a bright pink Post-It note stuck on it sitting on Mkuseli’s desk. Yes I am back at work, wheezing but blessed to be alive. Lynda wants me to go for a second option as she is sure that the doctor didn’t take into account the bouts of fever I have been having every night. But back to the skin divers swimming at the bottom of a twist bottle.

On the pink note is scrawled this message “With this drink I pronounce my love for you! Drink it in remembrance of me. Ndisemathandweni Mkhu wam!” Curiouser and curiouser!

Ndisemathandweni is the isiXhosa word for I’m in love, Mkhu is a shortened form for Mkuseli, and wam like the isiZulu word wami means mine. Oh wow looks like we have a love twist brewing here at the office in the bottom residues of a bottle. Anonymous, we don’t know who you are but would love to find out.

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