Monday, 24 August 2015


After a terrible feverish weekend, I have been forced to go to see a doctor. As I don’t have a great track record with doctors, the HEALth WorX Medical Centre was recommended to me so off I went, off to see the Doctor at the wonderful world of HEALth WorX.

I must have been spoilt as riding towards Randburg I hit all this rush hour traffic. I must have forgotten what traffic is like as my route from home to work and back never has traffic like this. Thank goodness I am on the Vespa as this would have affected my anxiety levels.

A little while later, while sitting in HEALth WorX's waiting room, I felt this fear of not getting enough oxygen again. Anyway, I eventually go see the doctor and they fear the worse, my heart, so off they rush me to Casualty for a battery of tests. ECG showed that my heart is fine, glucose levels is fine, but blood pressure is sky high and the biggest problem was that my lungs weren’t working correctly. The Lung Function Test showed that I had a lung age of a 70 year old but how can that be as I have never smoked in my life. After all the tests, the doctor has diagnosed that I may have Late Onset Asthma. Weird as this doesn’t take into account my fevers that I’ve been having. Oh dear, just breathe!

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