Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Headache from Hell

Last night we went to a talk by Dr Frank Turek on his book “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist”. The truth be told I too don’t have the faith to be an atheist so I was looking forward to this talk but as things go, the world was conspiring against me to be there.

Yesterday at the last hour work came in that needed to go out before we finish up for the day and so our team got stuck in with me one eye watching the minutes tick down. The talk was scheduled to start at 6:30pm and it would take me about 50mins to race there on my Vespa, not counting that I needed to stop for fuel and that rush hour traffic might delay. Our team pulled the rabbit out of the bag but sadly it left me 15mins to get from Krugersdorp to Bryanston in evening rush hour.

An impossible task, yes but thankfully unknown to me that the talk was running late due to crowds trying to get into the venue to listen to Dr Turek. I started flying down side roads, skimming past jammed up rush hour traffic, putting in a dash of fuel just to get me there, and with the needle of my speedometer hitting 140km/h while I was low flying on the highway while I was praying to get there in one piece; I made it to the venue at 7pm with all my body parts attached and my Vespa purring.

Having missed the introduction and Dr Turek’s first point on Truth, I settled down to find out why I lack the faith.

After all the stress of yesterday evening, I arrived to work this morning with a splitting headache from hell. What is hell? Well to me hell is anyplace that is devoid of God. Surely this acute pain behind my left eye, that all the pain pills that I have already chomped have not sorted it out, could not be from God.

By end of the day as the sunset, all I wanted to do was crawl into a little hole and die. The next best thing was bed and the knowledge that I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

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