Thursday, 27 August 2015


What a day, today has turned out to be. Well I started this morning on cruise mode as I was not feeling too well and just wanted to get through the day, sane and in one piece.

So there I was just getting through my list of things that needed to be done while I still had breath, excuse the pun, asthma, get it, when William Moyses arrived at the office. Now I shared his video on Facebook exactly 3 weeks ago, and now he is here, exciting. Sorry the photo I go with him and I did not come out so well so next time, I promise. So what seemed like a dull day only got better.

Later on, I was asked to represent our company at a corporate launch to be held at the Ballroom at Montecasino (names to be withheld). And the day was only getting started. But sadly that was where it anti-climaxed. So with a change of plans, Lynda and I arrived all dressed up to this glamour filled event with heads of companies and celebrities everywhere. We joined Noma and Fez, the other two representatives of our company. Don’t get me wrong, the company was good but this is where the evening started to unravel. To start the registration table was in chaos, with a large number of labels didn’t get issued as the printer went on strike. 18:30 for 19:00 the invite stated but the doors only opened at 19:15 which meant the evening’s programme only got underway just before 20:00.

This hour delay must had the head chef walking out as the food when it arrived was cold and very well done by that I mean uneatable. Okay the starter of Smoked Salmon Carpaccio was beautiful but the main course fillet could have been cooked by a shisanyama on a street corner better. The chef should have thrown the entire lot out and started again, and of course made the organisers pay for all of it for running an hour late and ruining a good meal. Not on, as I had to use my dinner knife as a chisel on the piece of rawhide sitting on my plate, if only I had a steak knife I could have at least used it as a chisel. Even Fez commented that this meat is truly dead.

We decided to leave soon after 22h00 and as I settling up our waiter, the desserts was brought out. Oh well this is the end of a long evening and an anti-climax.

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