Friday, 17 July 2015

Sloppy Kisser

Jade our Italian Greyhound is a sloppy kisser although not always are her kisses welcome.

Arriving home after work, I found a string of messages on my phone from the bank with possible fraud activities on one of my accounts. After contacting the bank, I found out that while on the way home, someone tried to use my credit card details to purchase online. With the card still in my pocket and I last used this card about a month ago so I was floored. The thieves tried four online purchase attempts to get R3,109.19, R6,218.38, R12,4436.75, and R18,655.13. Lucky the bank was quick and blocked all except a fee of R4.35.

What a start to my weekend. Come here Jade, I can do with some sloppy kisses about now.

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