Wednesday, 1 July 2015


"But baby, it is cold outside" as we try get work done on this beautiful winter's day. Nomangaliso and Paballo feel the cold more than I do, perhaps it is the layer of blubber that keeps me warm. Sometimes being larger than life does help, maybe only in winter not Africa's hot summers. The air-conditioner in our office is set to very warm but still both the ladies need hot water bottles just to take the winter chill off.

I asked Noma and Pabs what they call their hot water bottles, and Pabs quickly answered that hers is called "Makhwapheni". Now directly translated, this Nguni derived word, means to keep warm under the armpit or in other words your side chick. In other words, Makhwapheni is the term used for a lady or man that you keep on the side while committed in a relationship. So your Makhwapheni keeps you warm on these cold nights hence Paballo’s hot water bottle is her Makhwapheni. And no I don’t have a Makhwapheni in case you are wondering.

After seeing this photo that I took, Pabs turned to Noma and said "I hope you don’t think that you are taller than me, it is just because I am bending my knees". Cold as they may feel, I love my hot New Media team here at eKayaMedia which is part of the support services of the Bosasa Group. We sure rock!

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