Sunday, 19 July 2015

Empty Firepool

After yesterday, we now have proof the Firepools and thatch roofs don’t work. Okay I give that it wasn’t an R4million fire pool and it was empty. Our Zuma presidency has invented a new word, and that is "Firepool". Nkandla’s Firepool was thought to be the only one in existence, but walking around the ashes of yesterday’s devastating fire I nearly walked into one and so did Abie.

It was way after midnight when the last two fire units left and this morning smoke was still spiralling upwards. Around noon, we took a walk down see the devastation aftermath and to ask Abie and his family what can be done to alleviate some suffering. Abie’s head was bandaged up, not from last night but from falling and hitting his chin on the concrete floor this morning near the pool area when he was rummaging through the wreckage trying to salvage the few things that was spared from the flames.

As you can see in one of the photos, the fire didn’t even touch one of the son’s rooms. Downstairs in the middle section there was mostly smoke and water damage.

So with the few things they managed to salvage, Abie, his wife, two sons, and daughter moved into a one and a half bedroom cottage that is also on the property.

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