Thursday, 4 June 2015

River of Mist

The temperatures dropped below freezing along the Jukskei River in the early hours of this morning. I awoke after a coughing episode all throughout last night, to a beautiful river of mist flowing downstream along the Jukskei River.

Yes it was freezing and this cold bug which I have contracted doesn’t help one iota. I had to pull on some thermal underwear, okay overshare, under my normal work clothes just to be able to stay warm while riding to work this morning.

Of course I needed to be well lubricated with cough medicine before setting out for work only to find out that when I arrived at work, the security at the gate were doing alcohol testing of everyone coming in. I tried to explain the the security guard that I had just taken cough medicine before being tested but luckily nothing registered on the blower thingy and I was let in unceremoniously.

In the end of it all, I am not feeling too well even though everything around me is beautiful.

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