Monday, 29 June 2015

Jerome in the Fog

Wow, I woke up this Monday morning with a thick fog blanketing everything with visibility down to about 20 metres. The question arose, should I go back to bed or get going and somehow find my way to work. Oh course the latter decision won.

Thank goodness that it is school holidays, as the road from my home leads up to a T-junction on the main road with a rural school at the corner. Normally there would be children everywhere crossing the main road, children kicking a soccer ball around, children walking along the road, and busses stopping with children scrambling off. Today with this mist and the cars which fly along the main road would be a recipe for disaster.

When I arrived at the T-junction all I could see was nothing at first then in the fog about 50m away I saw some car lights which flew passed. Wow surely these cars could at least slow down especially near this school. I just prayed a quick prayer asking that everyone had their lights on and then went for the gap.

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