Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Eat Your Vegetables

So I arrived home this evening after a long day at work and have to start changing my mind set from work mode to domestication. Okay what to do first, uhmm, oh yes first the oven is put on to pre-heat and the vegetables are prepared for roasting. Then it is off to get changed into something a little more comforting. I mustn’t forget the heaters have to be switched on to warm the home for the onslaught of the winter evening.

In full swing, I put the vegetables and chicken on the go while heading out to the garage to clean the air filters on my Vespa. Once the clean sponge filters are hanging up to dry, I check up on the dogs and cats’ food, water, and making sure that their heaters are on before heading back into the warmth of the my cottage. The breath-taking smells from the kitchen start making me hungry, by this time I can’t wait to eat dinner.

Feed the fish and put the TV on. After running a hot bath, I soak away the grime and troubles of the day. Then I plonk myself in front of the TV after pouring myself a drink, put my feet up, and wait for dinner to be ready. Good old fashioned roast chicken covered in mushroom sauce, served with roast vegetables and creamed spinach, just what the doctor has ordered.

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