Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Attack Out of the Sun

At dusk along the path near the reeds next to the duck pond, I was ambushed in the wild orange of the setting sun by a pair of Hawaiian Geese. Surely these two geese must have studied under Manfred von Richthofen or better known as the Red Baron because the pair perfected the surprise attacked out of the sun.

"Run Forrest Run", ran through my mind as I raised my cell phone in defence and evidence. Please make it stop, as beak and wing tore at my trousers. The valiant geese must have a nest somewhere in the reeds between the pond and the path that I chose to walk along. Thank goodness that their feeble attempt to shoo me off was not as bad as the swans around the corner but I feared that I may hurt them in my defence. Should I stand my ground or should I scarper?

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