Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Back to Work

I awoke late this morning feeling as right as rain so I had a good soak in the bath, got dressed and headed for work. Although I was still booked off for today, I didn’t want to sit at home or simple turn around and go back to sleep. Boredom makes healing go slowly so there I was halfway to work when I started to get tired. All this activity left me short of breath and wanting to put my head down and sleep.

Anyway I made it to work somehow without crashing, and first order of the day was change my work passwords because of the theft on Friday evening, next was the catch up on all the emails, then meetings, and finally some reports. Later while on a "not to go to sleep" break, I did a walk about, fresh air and catching up with the other members of the eKayaMedia team and of course to find a photo for the day. Two birds with one stone morsdoodgeskiet, so here is Kabelo, hard at work doing some video editing upstairs in the studio.

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