Saturday, 9 May 2015

Anger makes you Sicker

The stress of my loss last night has made it even worse, I now have full blown man flu but somehow I had to get back to Irene to get evidence and report the incidence to the local police station.

After going through the video of last night, the staff at the fast food outlet identified a white hobo who goes by the name of Jaapie, as he was seen on video with a backpack on his back, walk into the outlet through a side door out of view of the staff, go straight to my table. Then he walks past the camera carrying my man bag to the toilets. Seconds later he walks out adjusting his backpack straight for the side door he came in from.

I am so sick. I am so angry at this rubbish of a man who stole from me, and I am so angry at myself for allowing this to happen. I am afraid this anger is just making me worse. I have to calm down.

I got back home and headed straight for the covers and this view from my bed.

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