Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Man Flu Phil

Now we all know that man flu is not to be taken lightly especially just before the start of a long weekend. And Philip has now come down with this dreaded illness, oh dear, and as you can see he is not doing so well.

Talking about not taking it so well, I am desperately trying to tread water to get back onto solid ground but circumstances keep pushing my head under the surface over and over again. Man flu doesn’t sound so bad in light that my dogs have cost me over R15k and now yesterday one of the cats decided that it was in his best interest to spray the TV and DSTV units thereby taking out R10k of equipment. Sigh, gulp there goes my head back under water, bubble, bubble.

As I swallow water, I remember that my circumstances do not make or shape me but revel who I am, and I am not doing well in light of my current circumstances. I know I am not but I know I AM!

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