Friday, 17 April 2015

Four in the Morning Face

Getting Lynda to the airport on time for a flight down to Durban can be stressful, but I think we aced it this morning. I suppose living around the corner for the airport does help. This weekend it is her dad’s 80th birthday party and the children are gathering. So looking at Lynda photo that I took this morning, I want to know what does your four in the morning face look like.

When the cats away, the mice come out to play, in other words, this means a boys weekend of chilling and parties. Who let the dogs out?

After dropping off Lynda, I went home and finished getting ready for work. Her flight was delayed due to a crew member had a personal issue and a replacement crew member was called for. Anyway, I watched the take-off from my back door while finishing some breakfast. Then left for work. As I sat down behind my desk, the message came through that they just landed in Durban. What? 45mins, now that is fast.

So weekend is here, and the party is just starting.

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