Friday, 20 March 2015

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Picking up Jade after another week at the vet was exciting although the vet said they will make a call on Monday to see if Jade needs to come in for another week of rest and confinement. A few weeks back Jade broke her leg and the vet had to put in a plate to hold her thin leg bones together.

Jade's confinement is not in the sense of prison, okay sort of but I want to think of it more of a doggy day care. Confinement where Jade is not allowed to run as is the nature of an Italian Greyhound. She loves to run like there is no tomorrow and then sleep as if she never has a care in the world. Yes early in the evening, Jade fell into an exhausted sleep. Normally at this time she is all perky and in your face, I'd say let sleeping dogs lie.

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